Poshlost is a collection of mostly unpublishable essays I’ve been working on intermittently between 2011 and 2013. It began as an idea for a magazine, in which  every issue would be written by one person. There were to be two restrictions: the person could not repeat subjects (and would be encouraged to include media other than writing), and the person should appear naked somewhere in the collection. I thought it could be a boilerplate for widening the fissures of artificiality in writing by trying to break open a writer’s ability, knowledge base, and personal style in as many places as possible. I wanted to make a form that would be antithetical to the idea of writing as an extrinsic object that has its own truth, something which detaches itself from its creator upon completion, and instead make a structure for writing that favored intimacy and personal recognition over productive transmission of objectivity.

The more I worked on the idea, the more I realized turning it into an actual, recurring magazine would be beyond my ability as a business person and hype man. But I was still fixated on the idea and decided to make an issue as a personal collection. Which is what Poshlost now is, a PDF of nine essays in various forms. Instead of selling it, or just posting it online, I wanted to make its distribution dependent on a social pretext instead of a monetary one. So the collection is free to anyone who wants it, the only condition is that you ask for a copy, a small and superficial formality, but one that I think is appropriate to the whole project. There’s no mailing lists or tracking of emails or anything else attached to this formality. I don’t know if that slight shift will have any meaningful effect, but it seemed to me truest to the spirit of the collection, which I wanted to be taken, not as an object of acquisition and consumption, justified by a monetary value, but instead as a creation that depended on another person’s willingness to say hello. So hello. If you’d like a copy of the collection, I’d like to send it to you, you can email me at mikthomATgmail

An excerpt from the collection can be found here and here.



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