Rites of Anniversary, Commemorabilia, or the Wallpaper of Time

One of the roots of the word “right” comes from the French “droite,” which is derived from “du rois.” In this way a right was neither inalienable nor innately granted but referred to a slip of paper that exempted someone from a royal tax or restriction by order of the King. It’s an exception from an arbitrary demand, not a defining quality that can be used to ennoble humanity. On the other hand, the word “rite” is a demarcation of something passed through, experienced, or survived.

I moved to New York one year ago today. I can’t say that means anything, but it has been an experience that I’ve never really had before. It’s something I’m grateful for and so I’ll commemorate that strange and lucky passage with this collage of all the sights, experiences, and surprising places that have been a part of my meandering arrow of time here. Whatever I’ve done over the last year, this has been the world that I’ve done it in. And done it for.

In chronological order, from April 7, 2009 to April 7, 2010:


4 thoughts on “Rites of Anniversary, Commemorabilia, or the Wallpaper of Time

  1. @ Parker Scott – LOL! I thought of that too!

    But anyways, I like the pics lot. I hope to go to New York one day myself, though not likely to live there.

  2. I do. Have done it pretty regularly over the last 7-8 years. My friend C in China convinced me to try it and I realized I like it. I hate feet, and mine are among the worst offenders.

  3. i love the girl emma watson soo much that harry petotr wanrs to take her away from me please harry petotr she is mine and i will like to do any thing just to have her as a girl friend or my real friend she looks happy and always i will like her as a friend so we can learn and advice each other

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